This website is dedicated to the memory of David Robinson (1928-2004).

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The Robinson Garden at Earlscliffe is on the Howth peninsula just north of Dublin city at a latitude of 53.3º N. This means that it is further north than Newfoundland and on the same latitude as Manchester in England, Hamburg in Germany, the southern part of the Hudson Bay and Edmonton in Canada and Minsk in Russia. Yet despite being much nearer to the north pole than to the equator, bananas, tree ferns, South African Erica and a range of palms flourish outside without any winter protection.

This is not simply the result of skilled plantsmanship but owes a lot to the unusually favourable microclimate. The garden slopes to the south and benefits by being close to the sea and also from the 180 metre high Hill of Howth on its northern side. With the advantage of the warm current from the Gulf of Mexico almost encircling Howth, it seems that the peninsula can grow a wider range of plants than any other place of similar latitude.

Advantage is taken of the auspicious situation to test the climatic hardiness of plants from all five continents. No plants are protected artificially even in the coldest weather so that realistic information on hardiness can be obtained. 

The Earlscliffe house itself been owned by an variety of people with links to a number of episodes and events in Irish and world history. 

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Please note that the garden is not currently open to the public and there will be no formal garden tours around Earlscliffe in 2016-7. For further details, please contact

What's New?

  • Have found more information on the early owners of Earlscliffe. Plus some extra info on William Martin Murphy provided by his son, Chris!
  • Updated the site to include timelines showing the different owners and related Irish and world events.

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